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Subject: FANSTASY FOR REALAndy had seen Bob before over the years but that day, that hot summer day,
was different.His rusty loud pickup truck pulled into the dirt parking lot with steam
coming from its hood."Gotta let it cool off, mind?" he yelled out.Andy yelled from where he sat on the wooden steps. "Sure thing"He wiped his forehead with the discarded shirt and waved Bob over. "Want a
drink?"Bob seemed to move in slow motion as he opened the old truck door and
kicked out his cowboy booted feet. Both feet hit the ground stirring up a
whirl of dirt as he jumped out of the truck cab.He stood there for what seemed like a deliberate pose.Andy's eyes moved from the brown boots up the worn form fitting jeans over
the large round bulge in Bob's crotch where www young naked lolita he wished he could bury his
head."Come on" he added as if Bob had been waiting too long.Bob smiled, his healthy white teeth flashing in the sunlight like some
movie star and he moved towards Andy.The old shredded and sleeveless football preteen lollita 5 15 jersey he wore left little to the
imagination. His tanned flesh appeared between the shreds as did the metal
that hung from a nipple."When did you get that and why?" Andy pointed to the gold ring as Bob
stopped in front of him."My lady likes it and when she attacks it with her teeth, so do I, makes me
uncontrollable" he smiled wider then took the offered bottle and tipped his
head back.Andy didn't plan to do what he did, it just seemed to happen. "Like this?"His hand pushed aside one of the shredded lengths and put his lips all over
the nipple ring that invited him by its very existence."Shit man if you're gonna do that more teeth, yea" Bob laughed.Andy could have pulled away laughing so Bob knew he was just horsing
around. Instead he did ad the boy instructed and surrounded the ring with
his biting teeth."Shit you're doing that better then she does..fuck" Bob's hand was on the
back of Andy's head pulling him closer.Andy reached to touch the boy's bulge and was thrilled to discover he
didn't have underwear under the jeans he wore. His fingers quickly outlined
the expanded stalk and cockhead that were there."yea..bitch...bite em hard" Bob hissed.Andy obliged and as he bit the flesh, his tongue played with the nub of the
nipple that seemed to have elongated in his mouth."I know what you want" Bob muttered. Andy felt news bbs lolita com the hand on his back and
moving into under the cloth of his shorts. The finger found his butthole
and played until it began to bury itself inside."Keep biting me that way and I'm gonna fuck that tight ass of yours" Bob
warned. Andy hoped it was a promise. He bit harder and pulled on the ring."Fuck" Bob pushed Andy back and pulled the waistband. Andy heard the
buttons on his jeans pop open as he yanked them and then the painful stab
of his cock deep inside him.It hurt but he dared do nothing but take the cock he lusted after."Shit this isn't workin turn over bitch" Bob slapped the bare side of his
buttock.Andy turned over kicking his shorts off his ankles. His legs curled back as
he lay on the porch and he watched as Bob yanked his shirt off and stumbled
as he pulled the jeans away too.He was expressionless as he moved quickly forward holding his glistening
cock in his hand. It went in the direction he aimed and returned inside."Play with them and I'll fuck you hard bitch" Bob instructed.Andy reached for the gold ringed nipple with one hand and found some metal
figure dangling from the other nipple. He pulled Bob closer using the
nipples' metal.And Bob fucked him harder then before. Each time Bob withdrew Andy pulled
him back in by yanking on each stretched flesh. Bob winced with the
welcomed pain and shoved his cock hard all the way inside Andy.The cum poured like a river in slow gushy streams all over Andy's chest and
stomach. His cock lay there while Bob released himself deep inside.The hot afternoon wanted Andy to rest but he wished he could reach up and
pull Bob back inside him.But Bob was too far away, far below the second floor of the house where
Andy lay on his bed watching.Bob unloaded the boxes he had delivered and got back into the truck to
drive away. And for what Andy thought was a deliberate moment, he looked www young naked lolita up
at Andy's window and paused, his shredded shirt revealing the metal Andy
had imagined seeing up close, very close.Andy wiped himself off as the truck sped away hoping that some day, he'd be
able to experience his fantasy for real.
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